pic: Team 33 - Buzz 10

Killer Bees 2005 Robot

Its very nice looking. How many can Buzz hold before they fall out?

The most we’ve tried is four in the holder and one in the claw, and they seem to stay in pretty well.

That’s a pretty good number, and so far the best tetra holder i’ve seen.

Wait until you see it drive…you might say it’s not your average Killer Bees drivetrain :wink:

Woah, is that a roller of some kind I see on the side there?

Can’t wait to see it in action, you guys always have great bots.

Thanks, and yes it is a roller.

What’s the roller made out of?

A solid aluminum rod with tapped holes at each end.

I bet the roller is not part of the drive system but rather an anti-tipping device.

You guessed right. We also have small wheels on the front and rear that serve the same purpose.

Ah ok, that’s what I was lookin for. As long as its not a part of the drive train, its ok. Looks great you guys. I love the hive look. Very cool.

what about the arm? Does it extend, or just have those joints?

No, it does not extend. However, it has a maximum height of over 10 feet from the floor.

The roller is not what I was talking about when I mentioned the drive…guess again!

The arm only articulates at the two joints, and last I heard it’s about a 10 foot reach.

…Eric beat me to the arm comment

It looks pretty cool, and its also a very interesting way to hold the tetras on the robot. We hold ours upside down on our robot too, but we don’t have our stack tilted it all. The most we have tried in our basket/cradle/tetra holder thing is 6, but when we do that we make sure to have our arm hold it down so none fall out because we haven’t tried it without holding them in yet. Also, how do you put yours in there? Do you use human player or auto?

Can’t wait to see you at great lakes and anticipating a very good game from team 33

We can use both human player and auto, but we probably will use the auto loader more.

Leave it to team 33 to try and hold as many field elements a possible (remember last year?!?!!)

Good job guys, looks like you have another strong competitive bot.

Here’s a clue: both window motors are hidden in the chassis.

ok, i saw a thread asking for pictures of our robot and followed this link in another reply. however, the robot has changed for anyone who was at the Detroit and West Michigan regionals. since our drive train and arm are so modular, we made some distinct changes. as soon as our webmast uploads all of our pictures to the web site, ill update this thread once again so you can see our robot. or you can try and see us at Nat’s.