pic: Team 33 - Buzz XI

Team 33 The Killer Bees 2006 Robot: Buzz XI

Your robot is on my list!

What are the details?

nice decals
btw, is that surgical tubing?

The specs… its fast, shoots balls fast and on target, sucks them off the ground, and can store a good number of them (30ish)

no… its like a plastic cord stuff… don’t know the technical name

Chassis: 6wd, 3 speed (Dewalts), powered by the 2 minibike motors (one on each side)

Ball elevator: 2 chips, nubs on top to inject balls into the shooter, opens to allow balls to be picked up off floor

Ball shooter: 2 chips, uses wheelchair wheel to launch approximately 3 balls every 2 seconds

Ball sorter: 6 chamber, rotating ball hopper capable of holding around 40 balls, blade inside to stir balls and persuade them to fall into one of the 6 chambers, trapdoor and chute on front to send balls to shooter to be scored

Thats a sweet looking robot!
See you guys at Great Lakes.

Lookin good as usual guys.

Nice looking machine as always from the Killer Bees.
How do the balls in the hopper get to the shooter? And does the hopper actuate so you can score 1 pointers?

:ahh: :yikes: :ahh: :yikes:
Totally impressive guys and could not expect anything less. see ya at champs!

The front of the hopper (nearest to the elevator) has a trapdoor and a chute which allows one ball at a time to exit the hopper and be sucked into the elevator by the rear belt. Sorry, no 1 pointers.

It’s PolyCord, available from www.smallparts.com

The stuff’s great, we finally got around to using it this year. Expensive though…

Where you guys headed to?

Great Lakes, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Nationals

Looking good as always 33. I can’t wait to see this first hand in Detroit.

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Very nice bot.

Now are the wheels 8 or 6 inch?

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Custom made 8 inch wheels

I like it.

Just out of curiosity, what led to the decision to go with the DeWalts over your legendary four-speed?

(internal thought: three speeds or four, it’s still going to kick butt.)

that was the first thing to poped in my head, as SparX adopted the famous 4-Speed Tranny and loved it. Why change it?

The Dewalt was what we needed this year: it has the ratios we need and is a good fit for the minibike motors. It was an easier and lighter solution than the 4 speed this time around.

Very nice looking robot. Good Luck, you guys are a great team.