pic: Team #33 - Buzz12

Killer Bees’ Buzz12 - with Ramps open

I want to cry… this is very nice.

How do you deploy your ramps? Is that “skin” perforated aluminum?

The ramps are deployed by a set of 4 pneumatic pistons (2 inch stroke, I believe) mounted on the uprights for our arm. Two deploy the front ramp sections, which swing out and pull out our legs via steel cable. Then the second pair allow the platform sections to drop down into position.
Yes, the skin is .032 perforated aluminum, airbrushed by a first year team mentor and several students.

4 pistons 2 on each, one releases the front section and the other drops it

Wow another great looking robot from our friends over at NDP. It looks like it will be really competitive and hope you do well see you at Detroit. By the way those ramps look really familar;) .

Thanks Josh, you guys are looking great too… The ramps do bear a striking resemblence, dont they? haha

wow…looks great. Hope we get a chance to climb those ramps this year.

Yeah sorta kinda;)

You honestly have to love the ever present honey comb patter and antennae!

Lookin good as usual guys

dang, i was hoping it was going to be honeycomb, but perf works well too

i love our robot

thank you to everyone that thinks its great…it really is:D

one word describes this… SWEET