pic: Team 33 Teaser

If thats all you have on the monday before ship you might want to get to work. Try adding some slick wheels and a crab drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice thing about it is, you can retag it as a teaser for every season from now till eternity. The honeycomb polycarb is classic 33.

What’s that gang sign Jim is throwing up?

Oh snap, now we know that one of their dimensions are 38.

Hey Jim, when you hold up your hands to make a map of Michigan, the UP goes above the LP, not next to it.

Incredible idea, i never would have guessed it.


Wait you guys are team 33??? Lol.

Looking forward to see your guys robot.


Teasers guys? really? come on now… Anyways, awesome vinyl and awesome bot from what I saw, put up a youtube video or something, I’d like to see it in action

1st District: Kettering
2nd District: West Michigan

See you at Kettering.



We were looking at this teaser the other night and one of the guys said that he got it. Notice the number of fingers and the numbers in the middle…1337 :slight_smile: That’s not really a teaser, we already know you guys are cool :cool: