pic: Team 330's New Programmer

Our new programmer specializes in firmware for herding game pieces.

Now all we need is for him to put tubes up.

So cute!

Awe lol.

Ok, everyone now, awwwww…

So cute. :slight_smile:

Is this how you are going to practice the fetcher strategy? :wink:

Looks like someone found out how to fix the Watchdog errors.

A dog cannot help you!!!

is there any chance we can buy his contracts?
since he probably doesn’t take cash, we’ll probably pay in, say 3 bones per day?

aww haha. how cute!

He can be in charge over here for an autonomous code that will detect and pick up tubes from the ground, and then score them. Hope it will work at Traverse City.

He’s got the right amount of facial hair for a programmer.

So for version control, does he bury a CD with the build of the code on it in a specific spot for each revision?

yeah watchdog :slight_smile:

Is he hungry, I hear if you don’t feed him he’ll break your code :yikes: