pic: Team 334 3-D #2

Yesterday Team 334 finished testing various components of their robot which includes the arm, the claw, pneumatic systems, electrical systems, and programming.
Some more tweaks will be necessary but the end is near!
The link below shows a video of their robot’s first moments.

Next step- The “Swiss Cheese” mill!

I really like it a lot. I think you guys made a good use out of the pneumatics.
Good luck and see you all at the regional.

Looks good, but there’s not a single person in any of those videos wearing safety glasses :ahh:

Looks like we’re using the same drive train.

Are the omnis driven?

By using just the two pneumatics cylinders for rotation; are you able to hang ringers on all 3 levels of spiders? If so, how do you pick up ringers?

The bottom cylinder is driven on a lead screw track allowing scoring on all 3 levels and picking up off of the floor.

You got it!

Nice job balancing your robot. At first it looked heavy to one side, but at second glance it looks awesome! Good luck!

looks cool

I like what I see. We were discussing something similar originally, however we decided to go with something that we hope will be totally unique.:wink:

Very nice looking robot…
Just don’t forget that the robot has a footprint… (including the arm extended) of 72" during play… if you extend your arm out any length more than you have it in the pic you will be outside of 72" assuming your robot is something around 38 inches in the long direction…

good luck!!!

very nice! how heavy is your arm?

just wondering, did you get the idea for your drivetrain from 488?

your team was nice to you, your robot is fairly flat. My team decided to make everything bunched up

The last time I look they were underweight for their weight/height class.

Their drivetrain is the same one for the last two years so third time is a charm.

This year we were amazingly underweight. With our arm folded we fit into the 120lb category.