pic: Team 3360's automatic shifting swerve modules - 4

Meet “OverSteer” :

Pretty solid. I like how you’ve done the bearing on the bottom.
Why did you opt for a gearshift instead of a beltshift?
Why two-speed over single-speed?

We tought that gearshift would actually be more compact and solid, and it can take more torque
We went for 2-speed because… well… 2-speed :smiley:

Very cool, do you have a module weight? Speed?

Each module weighs about 9 pounds including motors and shifters.

Theoretically, our speeds are : 16.75 feet/second high-geared
7.73 feet/second low-geared

I’d say we can get to 15 feet per second… because physics :yikes:

Amazing engineering, the upclose video of the sweve module in action is mesmerizing.

Also, your 3-tote autonomous is pretty nifty.