pic: Team 340- You miss one!

See what happens when you forget to turn ALL your signs upside down?- you loss the match. You miss one on the back of the bot.

That front sign is the only one we couldn’t flip over. Matches 1-5 on friday = 0 for 5. Then the boys went with “the rally cap” idea. Lets flip over all of our signs. Didn’t hurt. We didn’t lose another match. Went from 42 (of 44 teams) to 27. Nice jump. We got picked, & still didn’t lose a match. although we did lose our signs quite a bit (velcro’ed on).

I would really like to thank teams 25 & 102 for helping us finish our season GRReat. Good luck at nats.

We did lose the very last match, but we won the championships with higher combined points. Still, a pretty good change of things!

Thanks for recognizing us for the Motorola Quality award!

I don’t remember your robot having that arm/flipper thingy at Cleveland–was that something you added later? Oh, and are you guys gonna be going to nats?? I thought you rocked in Cleveland and deserve to be in Houston!

We had never used the box grabber at cleveland so we replaced it with a big sign. It only took a few minutes to put together plus it helped us take out more bins when crashing the stack.
As for going to Nats, no time + no money = no go. This will be our first year that we are not going. We don’t have a sponsor so there is nobody to go to for more cash.
Oh, & I guess Kate is right we did lose the last match during finals I’m just glad it didn’t cost our alliance the regional. Thanks again 25 & 102.