pic: Team 340

Our robot surrounded by the students and mentors which stayed up the entire night before ship.

I’m guessing it works kinda like HOT’s '05 robot. starts leaning on the wall, then falls down for a longer, lower CG. But what happens when oyu have alliance partners that want the sides, do you lean properly on the center goal? Or maybe it doesn’t lean…

That’s exactly what I was thinking!

It sits on the floor fine. It doesn’t actually lean on the wall nor does it touch the wall on the way down.


very nice looking, do you guys have lexan over the long (you could call it the hypotenuse) side of the bot? It’s hard to see, I’m guessing you don’t so you can scoop tetras up, but it sure looks like it would be easy for robots to get stuck inside that part of your body…

and how about that machining on the telescoping arm! can anyone say pretty?

I think they learned some stuff from being around HOT so much. Decided to go light strips with supports instead of the classic solid aluminum tubing…

Too bad we didn’t get to see it work at the exhibition but it was definately an intriguing design. I can’t wait to see it in action on the 3rd of March.

I’ve been waiting to see this robot for a very long time. One of our alumnus at RIT (Greg) kept telling me you guys had a great robot… and an even more impressive autonomous mode. I’m dying to find out what it does :slight_smile:

Great job on that huge base. Our team considered doing what HOT did too during the design week but you guys have really pulled it off, along with a very delicately machined arm. Can’t wait to see this thing in real life next week!

The lower arm and the extended section of the upper arm are aluminum tube. We looked at C channel and switched to tube for strength.

Original design had belts and pulleys. I made the mistake of not checking tensile strength of the belt we ordered. So Friday night was a little tough, completely switching from belt to chain, not knowing if we had weight.

Things are looking good now. And other than 2, 1 hr naps I’ve been up since 7am yesterday. coming up on 40 hrs. Time to turn in.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

The radio issues at the exhibition were disappointing. But you won’t have to wait too long!

thats spiffy! see ya in a bit!

I’m a huge fan of the “template tetra” that you use to store the tetras on the front of your bot. Great innovative thinking.

Congratulations on building such a nice looking and well designed robot.


that thing actually fits in the length limit? crazy

As someone said before I think its a falling robot…This means that it starts standing up at the beginning of the match (most likely that arm is folded in the front) then it falls down to start the match…

Great job guys I love the concept (is that tetra in the front there just a normal tetra or do u use it to stack other tetras?)

That looks awfully familiar. Two pivots, a telescope, passive claw, tetra stand on the front, and side shields. Glad to see that someone else is thinking outside of the A-shaped box. :slight_smile:

how many tetras do you think it can hold at once??? or how many has it held???

Looks great!!!

We can fit 4 tetras from the auto loading stations. The tetra frame is welded aluminum.

And I just realized Matt never stated it. Out team is much larger than those shown. Those are just the crazy amoung us who spent Monday night fine tuning her.

That looks awesome, the arm looks great, how high dose it go? I love it when teams make bots that start in different positions other then all wheel’s/treads touching the ground.

And your team shirts are really cool to.

Good luck this year.

Just to add what Kate added to what Matt started.
1 - the robot is like HOT’s. The kids liked thier robot so much last year they wanted to see if they could rebuild it for this years game. I think they did & then some.

2 - If you look out into the hall to the left you will see the guys from 1405 who spent the entire weekend camped out in our hall. They also pulled an all-nighter to get thier robot in working order. I would really like to thank Guy, one of our mentors (the one in the blue-ish shirt) for giving up his weekend to work with them & skipping work on Tuesday to help them out.

3 - I would also like to thank Kate for spending the night with our team & helping our kids finish. She also skipped work Tuesday to help out. While I’m at it, I would like to thank Matt for spend so much time with us helping to mentor the programming guys. He had a final exam on Tuesday and was there most of the night Monday & as soon as his test wast over Tuesday. Oh yeah & thanks to the moms who brought us food & kept up going all those long hours.

I could do this all day so, Thanks to all who helped my kids build something they can all be proud of.

Per Team Update 13:

For you to be in an autoloading zone, some part of the robot from the original 28"x38" footprint must be touching it. However, that part of your footprint, I assume, is quite far back because you fall over at the beginning of the match. Does this pose any problems?