pic: Team 340's 2007 robot scoring at FLR

Here is a pretty good picture of 340’s robot for this year (2007). I figured I would help the scouts for Newton Division out.
2 speed AM servo shifters
6 wheel drive
4" custom aluminum wheels
Removable bumpers
Custom welded frame

this is a great and amazingly versitile robot! can score quickly and easily on all 3 levels equally, drive train is beastly(actually burned the carpet at FLR around the rack!!!)and gets up ramps with ease. i am proud to be an honorary member of this not only high caliber team but they are also great people.

Dylan, your the man. Thanks for the kind words. We wish you guys the best of luck at Championship. I hope to see you guys on Einstein again.

not to advertises to much but we now have a working auto to
here some vid

That is pretty sweet.