pic: Team 340's 2011 Robot

Team 340’s 2011 Robot
6 wheel drive with AM SuperShifters
roller pickup ground & HP
Elevator scores on all 3 levels
Minibot deployment
Multiple Minibot configurations (because we can)

Multiple Minibot configurations (because we can)

Hopefully they “fit” better than your multiple robot configurations from 2000! :wink:

Nice looking bot - sorry we didnt get to see it at Rally! But we will see it soon enough at FLR!

Sweet bot, guys!

You are thinking of a really strick robot inspector at Long Island in 2001. Something about needing to see the giant spinning light ;).

Looks like your manipulator will slide in front of the bumpers…

Are you guys worried about the manipulator? Will you be keeping it elevated to avoid hitting other bots with it?

We implemented a similar design, but we’re noticing some issues with rigidity. Are you guys seeing any kind of swaying when you get up high?

  • Sunny

The manipulator should always be up and tilted back when outside the scoring zone. We do have some swaying at the top but smooth driving helps even that out.