pic: Team 341, Miss Daisy 2009

Introducing Miss Daisy 2009

  • Traction Control Programming
  • 4 Wheel drive
  • 270 degree Turret with auto targeting camera
  • Floor Pick-up and Human Loading
  • Close range and Long distance scoring via deflector
    *20 Ball Capacity
    *Active High Speed Hopper Draining via Powered Shaft
  • Low Center of Gravity

How can we have Miss Daisy vs. the shooters this year if Miss Daisy IS a shooter???

Nice bot Daisies. See you in Philly!

Yes, that was an odd reference. I am not sure why they did that?:confused:

Coming from you guys that means a lot. Thanks!

Good luck in Philly!

Another great looking bot from Miss Daisy!

Since we won’t be at the same regionals - maybe we can all get to Atlanta! It would be great to compete with you guys again!

Good luck this season!


How far is your max shooting?

We still have to take measurements with the twin, but I would say our max. effective range is about 12 to 15 feet. But we don’t intend to use it like that.

The design intent is to score from close range and we will only use long range shooting for the times when a target is moving away from us.

The turret is for two purposes.
1- Using a single device to floor load, human load, and shoot
2- target accuracy

We’ll post numbers within a week or so, after we run the twin machine for a while.

Good Luck!