pic: Team 341 Miss Daisy 2010 Robot

The students, mentors, and sponsors of Team 341 Miss Daisy are extremely proud to present our 2010 robot. Despite the challenges of a snow-shortened build season, we believe that this machine has the potential to be the best and most complete robot that we have yet built. This picture shows our machine (roughly 95% complete - just missing the top covering) next to its CAD render the evening before ship.



  • 8WD with dropped center wheels powered by modified AM shifters.
  • Shock absorbing rubber wheel mount “suspension”
  • Traverses the bump beautifully (and much more quietly!) through the use of a pneumatic assistance device

Ball magnet:

  • Product of ~10 iterations of prototypes
  • Dual driven rollers mounted on a suspension to conform to balls of varying inflations and force them to slip against the carpet
  • Can capture balls at full speed, and keep control during aggressive maneuvering


  • Can score from all parts of the field
  • ~2 second cycle time


  • Uses ginormous pneumatic cylinder with spring assistance for fast hangs right up until (and sometimes even after!) the buzzer
  • Floor to 2 (3?) points in under 5 seconds


  • Top covering (not shown) can block balls
  • Can use our hanging arm to right ourselves from any of the robot’s stable flat-land orientations.

See you in New York, Philly, and Atlanta!

You can’t imagine how I would like to see these rollers in action :eek:

Looks great robot! It’s a complete machine!

Whats the reasoning behind the two pieces of square metal up on top?
and how do you guys kick?

Impressive, and one of the most accurate CAD->Final Product Shots I’ve seen on here. Well done.

The white bar looks to be a full length kicker. You can see the arm it’s on behind the rollers.

The square tubing on top has two purposes:

  1. It supports our covering (not shown) that deflects/blocks balls.
  2. It allows our arm to right ourselves if we flip onto our rear (which requires a fairly unlikely sequence of misfortunes to happen, but better safe than sorry, right?)

The white piece you see at the front of the robot is the kicker; it is a bar between two CNC’d plates that kick underneath the ball magnet. The kicker is drawn back by a mechanism inspired in part by Winnovation’s 2008 machine.

looking good 341! Good luck this season!

Great job Daisies!

Looking forward to hitting the field together in Philly!

Which one is the practice bot?

Beautiful robot. 8WD seems to be a popular drive-train. Are the two black cylinders the kicker or the ball acquisition device?

Good luck at your competitions! :slight_smile:

Awesome Robot, I hope we’ll get to play with you guys again this year!

The two horizontal black cylinders are the ball magnet.

Looks good Miss Daisy. I can’t wait to see you guys in action. :slight_smile:


Looks scary. I am Looking forward to competing with you guys at ny.

Nice looking bot!
Your double roller magnet is very similar to ours, except we have mini idler wheels for the lower part instead of a roller.
Must grab hard!:slight_smile:

Great CAD as always Jared. Hope we get to see you guys soon!