pic: Team 3418 RoboRiot tank treads

This is the first iteration of our custom tank treads. Each one is powered by a custom 2 CIM bevel gearbox with a 2:1 ratio. The rest of the gearing is accomplished by a 9 tooth sprocket and 23 tooth gear on the back drive wheel. They use the same type of belt as the Andymark Rhino treads however we sourced them with a different tread type. The side plates are 1/4 inch 6061 aluminum. One is removed in the picture. They belts also have a tensioner however it is removed in the picture.

I really hope 2:1 isn’t your final reduction. Assuming that’s hooked up to a 3" tank tread pulley, that’s roughly 30 feet per second, and you’ll be going nowhere.

It also has a chain reduction. As it says in the description.

Nice placement of the motors! Very compact.

Dude… that’s beautiful!:eek:

Looks interesting. Will the belt hold up to the sharp edges on the rough terrain.

So far the testing has shown them to be very durable. We have jumped it of of the different defenses and even down stairs and they have held up just fine. Here are some pics of it put together for test driving. I will post some videos of it driving soon.