pic: Team 342 teaser

sorry for the bad cellphone quality pic, but it is a teaser none the least.

Nice. Brent wanted to trade off info. I told him this late in the game, drastic changes are probably out of the question, so he could tell you guys whatever. It’s probably no big secret what teams are doing, but what it come down to is how well they do it.:smiley:
Any plans on coming up for the scrimmage Saturday?

He sent me some partial pics and I practically sent him our CAD library, so yeah, we traded:rolleyes:
I am one of the few really pushing to go, but it is looking unlikely. We would have to spend most the day on the road and may be better off fine tuning and practicing at home.

thats a cool kicker design… hows it working for you

We are getting about 27’ and still have a trick to get more;). Hopefully my friends can keep a secret till next week.

wow howd you get 27’ ??? did you find a loop hole in the size requirements

:confused: uh, no. I mean we kicked the ball ~27 feet. And that is entirly doable within the rules.