pic: team 342's shiney '07 bot and first CD pic post


This is the first time 342 The Burning Magnetos have posted on Chief Delphi. We ditched our ramp, built a bullet proof drive train, and built a 10 ft arm (3’ 11 1/4" at start). We have our own decal show for those wondering about the paint. Please give some feed back.

I can’t tell for sure from the picture… but do you pick up the tube on one side and have your arm rotate over the top of the robot to then hold the tube over top of the robot body?

We have a similar lift/arm combo and have planned it so that we can just smash the “front” bumper into the base of the rack to align with the spider legs. Yours is the first posting I’ve seen (and I haven’t seen them all) that looks like it might do something similar.


Since shortly after Atlanta last season, I’ve been talking off and on with Mike Bryan, engineer on 342. A recurring theme of those talks has been taking things back to basics for 2007, which sure seems to be the case with this robot from what I can see. Hope to see a few more photos before Palmetto.

Are those drive pods from(or a mod of the ones at) battlekits.com?

That just it. Complexity has been our biggest problem in the past. So, This year, we ditched the ramp, built a relieable drivetrain that could climb, and focused on a simple arm that we rebuilt and modified from '05. We are always amazed at how the simpliest plywood bots seem to past our expectations. :]

Hey I know this robot:rolleyes: