pic: Team 343 Metal In Motion

Our robot's name is D.R.

How exactly do you guys climb? It looks as though only the treads are touching the corner at one point. Is it resting on the groud also, or do you use orther sort of climbing mechanism.

Is this a practice round? The photo covers a good amount of the field and I’m surprised there aren’t any other robots visible especially near the bar/platform. I noticed 343 not only can grab the 2X ball they also have goal grabbers. Can it also hang?

Gotta be a practice round. Look up at the screen showing for the crowd: looks like a person on the field!

Man I am impressed you guys must have some real torque to be able to pull youself up that six inch step with such thin treads looks like a very nuice robot… do you actually use your goal grip in assisting to kid of give you that intial lift needed?

oh, they had some real torque let me assure you…extremely impressive…they have a pnuematic that shoots straight down and gets the front end up, and the drive train does the rest…a very powerful drive train and light too from what I understand…

Thanks for the nice comments on our Team 343 Metal In Motion machine. To clear up a few points: this is a shot taken during a practice round at the St. Louis Regional.
D.R. uses a front “pogo” cylinder to lift up the front end in order to get onto the ramp. The gripper mechanism has a hook (blue) attached to it. Once the arm is extended, and the hook attached to the bar, the ball handling system is lowered, giving the robot the ablility to either cap or “rob” a capped goal. The hanging hook is attached by a cable and does not use the stationary arm for support.
We were approximately one pound underweight at both inspections.
The robot has a very low center of gravity.
Our engineers have done an outstanding job of redesigning various drive train mechanisms. These changes have enabled us to have a light weight transmission.
I would like to invite everyone to come by our pit area at the Palmetto Regional and the Championship Game to say hello and check out our machine. Good luck to everyone this year.

Steven…Thanks for the comment…haven’t had a chance congratulate you guys for winning Peachtree…been working on Palmetto…you have formed a great team…tell your dad that he owes Donn and I a buck…if you can break away and get up to Palmetto…will find you a room to crash in…let us know, slip by and drag Dickman up, as well. See you soon. Frank