pic: TEAM 343's t-shirt cannon

We decided to shoot 10 shirts before reloading.

These just keep getting increasingly absurd :ahh:

Maybe next year the game pieces will just be shirts, and we’ll have to distribute as many as possible :ahh:

In that case, a lot of teams will have a head start :slight_smile:

Leave it to Metal In Motion to come up with a design that is ridiculously simple for a task.

Next obvious question: What’s the scoop on the drive base? Prototype? Custom for this design? Any insights for those who may dare to venture off carpet in the future?

I assume it doesn’t shoot them all at once (You never know though so I had to ask)? Certainly gets the award for most T-Shirts able to be carried and launched from a robot (without reloading). :yikes:

Your right, it takes a little time to fully recharge to 120psi, but after a shot another isn’t out of the question, just a little weaker.
Billfred, the base is a prototype we had from the 2007 season. We’ve used a similar design the last two years, but this one looks more off-road. Thanks for the compliments.

Only 343 haha love it guys nice work. MIM is truly a class act that is always looking good on and off the field.

Now for someone to make a robot that carries around a container of shorts and reloads itself…

maybe some camera use for autonomous crowd tracking and shooting? :slight_smile:

but sweet job on the bot!

That apprach was definately considered, but we didn’t want that big of a challenge. Maybe a redesign:rolleyes:

Good night…and I thought I had a lot of free time. Props for building it. It certainly beats out my cannon by a longshot. Now I wonder just how many t-shirts you can deliver with a degree of accuracy. not saying that you can’t, of course, but it’d be neat if you can get all 10 into the crowds in a single volley. I’ll give you props if you can do that.

Oh, again, very cool.

how big is your air tank?

ah…i was wondering where this CAD came from…

It’s about 6" diameter, and 10" long. It feeds the system through a 1/4" line, so it doesn’t really make a contribution to the shot. We’ve got 3/4" black pipe holding the valves together, and that gives the barrels the air they need. The top half comes off easily, so there may be another barrel arrangement in the future with 1" valves and longer barrels. Also dry ice may make an appearance to highlight the red lights along the base.:cool:

it is definatly sweet we can shoot over high school stadiums hahahaha :yikes: :slight_smile: :ahh: :smiley: lol ha! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a beautiful design. Excellent work.
This is what we have recently come up with.