pic: Team 3476, Code Orange, Calibrating Our Shooter in the Wind Outside the Inland Empire Regional

Having Fun Trying to Calibrate Our Autonomous Center Line Shooter in the Wind Outside on the Inland Empire Regional Practice Field with an Imaginary Right-Hand 2-Point Goal.

The breeze made the disc fly higher and further. We were creating a new autonomous mode to pick up discs from the Center Line in case team 1538, The Holy Cows, wanted to pick us. (We both normally drive forward to pick up and shoot the 4 discs.) They ended up 1 Alliance Captain and we were 2. But, they picked team 2485, The WarLords, who had an awesome full court shooter, who had beaten the Holy Cows in the SemiFinals at the San Diego regional. (If you can’t beat them, have them join you.) Team 1538 had won the Chairman’s Award in San Diego, so we at least had earned a wildcard invitation to the World Championships by being the 2 Seed.

Well that looks like, uh, fun. Sorry you didn’t get picked!

We measured that floor and noticed a small change in angle from the floor of the goal to our autonomous starting positions, and it was somewhere close to 5 degrees off. Explained some of our autonomous inconsistencies early on.

I like indoor practice fields.

To be fair, I think strategically it was just a smarter pick for them.

See you guys at IRI.

Yeah I would Agree. Even if I’m on code orange at IE the WarLords were a good pick. But We got our selves together at championship and really showed what we are made of… but yeah cant wait to see at IRI :slight_smile: