pic: TEAM 353

This thing pushed a sitting 210 lb. student UP the ramp.
We need to figure out how to operate it well.
2.5/8.5 ft/sec.
Six wheel drive.
Self righting.
6 ft open span
Stacks 4
Sweeps 20+
Goes under bar
Arms picks up 75 lbs+
Other useful stuff too . . .
Good luck all!
See you in Houston.

i like the look of this bot.
congrats on building a killer looking bot!

Nice clean design…a very interesting looking bot. cant wait to see you houston.

Hmmm … What’s that little piece of lexan that sticks out of the front of the robot for? Might it be fore “desuctioning” a bot …?

  • Katie

The little piece of lexan in the front is most likely for bulldozing?

Anyways great bot!

*Originally posted by yangotang *
**The little piece of lexan in the front is most likely for bulldozing?

Anyways great bot! **
No no no, I’m talking about the little tiny piece sticking out … not the whole part with the logo on in, the part sticking out below that.

Oh, nice bot, guys :slight_smile:

  • Katie

perhaps that front section is hinged, and the piece sticking out is for getting under bins and fixing them

Great bot, looks like a killer tank!

Hm, mithinks the lexan is for pushing bots up. If it gets under you and they begin to go up the ramp, it will slight lift you by the time you get to the HDPE. This removes some of your traction and just gives them more. Won’t be until they get on the HDPE and finally and have to push you down the ramp (much easier to do).

What about your light? Doesn’t it need to be more, um, exposed?


Katie is talking about the attached image.

And yes, that light definitly needs more exposure that what it has. Unless it’s in a ‘down’ state for going under the bar.



yeah, light seems really deep. they said you need to be showing 4 inches of it 99% of the time, that looks like about a half inch

*Originally posted by Ash *
**What about your light? Doesn’t it need to be more, um, exposed?

-Ash **

why the heck are people soooooooo worried about the lights?? some people are making an issue over something that really isnt…

It was a FIRST rule that your light had to be at least 4 inches visible.

…or was it?

well if u read the inspection sheet…first clearly stated the 4 inch rule on there, so i guesse they are making an issue out of it too.

sigh I guesse 461 will have to move our light from its pretty encloser out onto our front end cuz thats the only place that would be legal.

I think after the first regional if it goes anything like what i’ve heard about the scrimmages, the light visiablity rules will become less strict, and FIRST will want us to burry them so they are protected more.

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All this talk of lights… yeesh! Still a great bot.

Is your team going to reveal the use of the little lexan piece?

Yeah I can almost garauntee you that the light restrictions will be not nearly as strict.

The rule puts robots that go under the bar at a great disadvantage. Basically, their robot has to be 10" tall leaving an entire 4" for the light.

And then there’s the fact that a light like that would be way too exposed. When 14" high robots hit the center boxes, heavy bins will come crashing down on it from 6 feet in the air and I can almost garauntee a large number of lights will get cracked. What’s worse, having your light only exposed 1/2" or having no colored shield to protect the light and signify your team color? It’s even possible to lose your light altogether (a bin fell on one of our previous year’s robots and completely ruined the light and cracked the bulb. We had to trash it.)

I’m glad you guys brought up the light. I’ve been wondering about ours. It’s more exposed than 353’s, but I was worried we will have to move it. We’ll just wait and see what the judges have to say.

We measured across the top. 4.5 inches exposed.

We are bringing longer standoffs to bring it up higher if necessary, But FIRST better have a bunch of spare lights when it gets cleaned off every match.

Since it was brought up here, I will throw in my opinion.

Firts off, nice looking bot. It will definitely disrupt many a strategy.

The light rule is 4" visible, not exposed … BIG difference. Team update 5. I think this robot will be fine.

Here’s the intent of the rule (from the manual and update 5):

Must be able to know what color your light is from 100 feet away.