pic: Team 354, 1660, and 1688

That 1660 team looks good

I was driving during that match and it was very fun. Our robot (1688) was able to push many robots arround because of the good traction we had. Team 354 made it up the ramp but later slipped of and we only got the points for having two robots on the ramp. Our robot looked too big and heavy to go up the ramp, but after some practice I got the hang of it. :yikes:

Those IFI wheels sure are popular. I bet the ChiefDelphi banner ad had something to do with that.

354 used the kit wheels with a lot of sip ties so they made it to

My opinion is that i was the best driver there. no offense to anybody

Yeah, you were pretty good.

IFI wheels r overrated :stuck_out_tongue:

no they arent no matter how slow i drove up the ramp i never slipped you must be crazy. and thank you Rich Wong my team always had bad alliances and still found a way to rank 8th

Wait until you really start wearing them in.

Rich, thats a sexy picture ! both teams had great robots and cant wait for 2007.

Yeah to bad we had bad alliances throughout the comp

You did have a nice robot, one of my faves there 1660, along with 348. I liked the look of 354 as well…

As for wheels? Well we make our own… 2 years ago we had so much grip that the robot wouldn’t turn and we had to swap 2 wheels for a castor.

i really liked u guys robot to. i think 1660 was one of the better robots this year but got paired up with some of the worst robots

all teams had the same 6 weeks, you cant really say bad robots came out to play at this regional. some teams have more experiance thats the only diffrence in robots.

That really isn’t too GP…I also have a few points to make…
It is also just luck who you get allied with during the qualifying matches and it gives your team an opportunity to mingle with all of the teams, whether it is to compete with them or against them. If your robot really is one of the better robots, you shouldn’t have to rely on your alliance partners in order to win a match. And last, FIRST is not about whether you win or not in competition. It’s about you learning something from the experience and that experience also being a memorable one, and then taking that knowledge with you later on in life to help yourself and help the world.

My $.02

im not blaiming it on the robotics its just that we got penalties and some drivers didnt follow the strategy. it was one match when all of my alliances robots could get up the ramp. one needed help i helped them up the ramp and got up the ramp myself. then the driver drives back down the ramp at the last minute of the match. its just the way it is

:wink: :yikes:

Yes you did a good job driving and congratulations to your team for building a good machine. But please keep in mind that at a small regional, we all played with these teams, for and against. Sometimes you get better alliances than others its the luck of the draw. We had alliance partners that would regularly get DQed or take 25+ points in penalties during the match. Regardless of their strength or experience they are your alliance partners. You need to take it upon yourselves to make sure that everyone understands how things are played and learn to work together. Some teams may need more coaching to understand the game than others. This game and FIRST isn’t ever won by having the best driver at the Regional on the field or the best robot alone. We push GP and coopertition on and off the field. Simply blaming others for your teams performance and self-adverstising here on CD isn’t going to get you far and have the teams want to work with you in the future. Learn to play the game and help others play the game. And always remember that FIRST is more than just wins and losses, when you understand that you’ll be on your way to becoming one of these experienced teams that you would call a “better alliance.”