pic: Team 354 Tattoo

got the color added!!! almost done!!!

Thats awesome!

I was so going to get a tattoo with the FIRST logo and my team number. Also leave room so i can add other team numbers when i mentor once i get out of college.

You can always get some temporary tattoos with your team number and first logo. Then you can use them on yourself and hand them out during competition.

I seem to recall seeing a tattoo like this before (like last year). Same one or did someone else just get a similar one? :confused:

Yea so do I. I think it’s the same one, and judging from his first reply he now has color. So it’s probably the same, just with color.

your right, between the NYC regional and the Nationals i got it done, then around November color was added


How many hours did it take the artist to make that?

i gave him my drawing that i wanted it to look like and then he did his changes, i got it back in about 1.5 weeks. from there we made it come to life in about 7 hours of ink work in 2 sessions.

Heh… its modelled after an IFI Operator Interface.