pic: Team 356's Little Black Box


Look, it's a black box.

So you got a radio shack project enclosure and (what looks like) a serial connector, may i ask what this is used for???

Things revealed by that picture:

  1. “borrowed” FIRST box from Stack Attack (don’t worry, I have one too…and it is in worse shape)

  2. guess: ramp platform from last year (aka pizza table)

  3. 9-pin box = radio, program, or tether…my guess: something else altogether

Things I can’t figure out:

  1. Wooden thing leaning on the wall.

  2. Mechanism in bottom right corner

  3. box with “G” in cabinet

It fell out of FIRST’s truck and we were helping to clean the highway up.

very astute

actually, that is our yaw rate sensor.

It is a relay race course that we use in a Lego mindstorm team building challenge.

Mmmmm… a mystery. Could it have something to do with our drive system?

It’s a grape-fruit box.

is that the yaw rate sensor that came in the kop last year? ours looks bigger…
have you had any sucess programing it? i think its rs232 but i have no idea where to start in terms of an algorithom or whatnot. i just have no idea.

Looks like one of our two blck boxes, only you took the time to stick on a DB-9 rather than jst drillign holz and dangling wirz out.

It’s an ADXRS150 (or whatever) along with a power supply to take the battery’s 12 v down to 5 v. It is, in fact, enclosed in a radio hut project box.
The DB9 is just a convenient connector to carry power in and signal out.

That sounds very similar to what we’re doing. We used a Radio Shack project box (albeit an aluminum one) housing an Analog Devices ADXRS150EB yaw rate sensor and a Motorola MMA1201 accelerometer. Instead of using a connector, we used nylon cable grips from Digi-Key along with shielded cable to provide strain relief and good shielding without risking the addition of additional noise from a connector. The power supply (7812 regulator, voltage divider, diodes, and 7805 regulator) is housed in a separate enclosure. Yours looks a lot neater and less unwieldy than ours; I hope it works well.