pic: Team 357 & Jester '09 - Ready for some Lunacy!

Team 357’s 2009 robot, The Jester, features swerve drive, software controlled acceleration, camera driven goal tracking, active ball collection and shooter style scoring.

We are looking forward to the Washington DC and Philadelphia Regionals.

Joe and Jesters!

Bot looks great. Looking forward to being pit neighbors in DC next week!

What motors did you use for your drive? It looks like you have all 4 cims used in the harvester/shooter system

no mecanums ?? how come??

looks awesome!

can’t wait to see you guys in DC next week!

I’m going to say either two Johnson Electric (Fisher Price) distributed between wheels or two FP and two RS-545’s. We ended up using two FP’s for our front drive wheels and an RS-545 for the back, and they provide plenty of power. Nice bot, very efficient!

No worries…this slick wheel fad will never last.

Jester Drive will be back soon!! :smiley:

That’s why they said about the television and my devastating good looks :smiley:
Great job 357 … I’m excited to see this puppy go next week!

So there’s a 50% success rate with their predictions. :wink: