pic: Team 357 - Royal Assault, Jester '08

Team 357, Royal Assault, presents Jester '08.
The robot includes Jester Drive and features a new design of our Mecanum wheels from alumni member Andrew Adaman. Jester '08 also features a powered transfer table that enables the robot to move the gripper/elevator mechanism forward and backward to facilitate driving with the ball, hurdling and CG. We are Robo-coach enabled with multiple hybrid routines.



Looks like another great Jester-bot! Any video of this beast in action? I’d love to see that powered transfer table working.

See you guys in Philly!

Nice! Can’t wait to see the newest member of the Jester family. Congrats to the 357 crew.


Unfortunately we did not shoot any video that highlights the transfer table.

We are looking forward to Philly and we expect Dynamoe to put on a show! :slight_smile:

The Jester (357) and Galactus (1712) should get together in Philly to toss a few…Trackballs that is!

Your machine looks like a winner…nice engineering and good looking.

Best of luck to Dawgma in 2008 from your friends in UD.

Mr. Troy, I’m overjoyed to see that your sense of humor hasn’t changed.:stuck_out_tongue:
All kidding aside, that is a very good looking robot, and I hope to get a chance to see it in action. Best of luck in Philly and Pittsburgh!

I’ve been a fan of 357 since they came down to the Florida regional in 2006. This years robot looks to be another winner from 357 good luck to you all. Ohh please keep using jester drive it’s the best mechanum wheel setup in FIRST by a long shot. Happy Ship date.

-Drew Disbury

Thanks Drew!! Ship day is always a happy day.

We had a GREAT time at the Florida Regional… absolutely one of the best in the country (might be the reason it sells out so quick). We were looking for an opportunity to return to Florida :slight_smile: ,however, the regional competition schedule did not allows us to sign up :(.

Looking nice 357. You guys will be at Philly right? If so cant wait to see you guys out there. I always like the designs of your bots.

I think the sound I just heard was the jaws of all eleven Pittsburgh-area teams dropping. Beautiful bot… hope to see you guys on our side of the glass.