pic: Team 357, Royal Assault - Jester 2007

Jester 2007 from Team 357
Equipped with:
Jester Drive v2 (Mecanum)
Dual robot lifting platforms (1 or 2 robots from floor level to 12.5")
Multi-position tube lift
CMU Camera

AWESOME! That looks like its going to be quite the force this year! Its too bad 357 is not coming back to Florida. Hopefully I’ll get to see this bot in Atlanta!

We will be attending the Bayou and Philadelphia regionals as well as the Championship event.

We are looking forward to seeing our old friends as well as meeting the new FRC teams.

Good luck to everyone!!

Hey, as always the mechanum wheels look amazing!!! the whole robot looks great, hope to see you at nationals again.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this robot at the Bayou Regional. Great lookin’ robot, 357.

Is that 1/2" thick honeycombed polycarbonate as your ramp floors?

Andy B.

I cant wait to see it at Philly. 357 always puts out a great robot and this year is no exception good luck guys


The panels are 5/8" twin wall polycarbonate.

See you at the Bayou…over a bowl of gumbo!! :smiley:


Great job, as always, to 357. Don’t break that thing in LA, I want to see it in full glory in Philly :slight_smile:

We loved the Florida Regional, however, it sold out before we could register. :frowning:
You know we’ll be cheering for 1902!!!

See ya down the road.

Hey Joe! Beautiful machine, buddy. Tell me something, please… how do you guys lowere those platforms? What’s the mechanism?

The lifting mechanism itself disengages the platforms from their stored position and gravity does the rest.

Congrats Team 357… Jester looks great!! Can’t wait to see it in action. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s always great to hear from our friends at Wissahickon.

I’m sure Miss Daisy is ready to Rack and Roll.

Good luck in Trenton…we’ll be cheering for you!!! :smiley:

Oh, I see how it is. Just because Coach C is better looking than I am, it’s great to hear from them, but… :rolleyes:

On a more serious note Joe this robot looks so good I’m inclined to believe you started building before week five this year. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kressly… :]

Robot looks very nice. Have fun in LA and maybe I’ll see you in Philly.

Hey Joe,

Steve Compton again. Am I seeing this right - does the 5/8 polycarb really support a robot wihtout any internal framing? We are using the same and it never occurred to me to not put rigidity members into the rectangular platform. One of those duh! moments for me seeing this.

one mor ething - we went to a local sign shop and bought ours - did you go locally as well? I’d like to know where you get your polycabr for the future, just in case yours is more rigid than what we got. Is yours the polygal, or something else?

WOW! unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be making to any regionals this year… I guess I’ll have to wait for PARC. *you will be there, right?:confused: *

Great looking bot!

Wow, beautilicious bot. Are you guys planning on relying entirely on operator’s eyes? I don’t spy a camera on there…

Looks amazing.