pic: Team 357's animation picture

This is a picture from our 2007 animation. It’s an underwater scene, with fishies. Check us out at the philadelphia regional. good luck to all the teams.

Heres ours…
(Way to go 753 animation team, you did a great job this year)

Here is 25’s

hmmmmmm… looks good so far, but I cant see a working iPod underwater. I accidentally spilled some water on mine and it fried… but i guess there is always room for some science fiction… its a great animation by the way. Also everyone that has posted so far, your animations look pretty sweet too. I wish you all the best of luck on the animation award. Good Luck!

They do sell waterproof cases for them. I believe it is called something like iMpervious or something like that. Very nice work guys, i like the devilish bot.


Yes, the “devilish” bot is our un-eco friendly robot, we have a small “cute” energy effecient robot that beats it in our animation…(Devil breaks down)