pic: Team 358 Arm


Here's our arm and base. We hope to finish.

how quick does it go? Looks really nice.


What are you actually using to drive your arm? I don’t see anything from the picture, but maybe its there…care to share :slight_smile:

Pretty cool. How far can you reach? We tested ours out today and we got 13 feet off the ground. What are you using to drive it? What are you using for anti-backdrive?

How strong is the arm on the thinner parts that are being extended out? There’s alot of holes drilled in that thing, so I’m wondering if you guys are having any issues with the arm bending when lifting the weight up.

ahhh lots of replies…

well we geared it faster than last years so if you saw us last year it should be faster…though it has more weight so we’ll see. We haven’t actually hooked the motor up yet.

Van Door.

12 feet or so as of right now.

Nope no issue bending. The thin part of the arm is solder 1" x 1" tube (1/8" wall), its like a rock. :wink: The next layer out is strong, 2" x 2" tube with 1/8" wall and two rows of ~1/2" holes taken out of each side. Last layer is 3" x 3" tubing with 3 staggered rows of ~1/2" holes taken out of each side.

The outside tube by itself weighs three pounds, I’m not sure about the whole assembly. But no sagging at all so far. :slight_smile:

[Edit: They may be 3/32" wall actaully, and not 1/8" im not positive.]

wow that looks alot like our 2000 arm.

Maybe it was in the back of our mind from the 2000 sbpli regional. If I recall you guys hung from the bar and stole balls from the bins.

Was that your machine?

If it was I recall that you had a large pneumatic cylinder that helped actuate your arm.

I guess we were inspired!!!


Very nice, though I have to say I’m kind of surprised you guys didn’t use your crab drive that you’ve all but perfected over the past few years. This year, with a “grid” of goals and all, I thought I’d definitely see that again.

In any case, looks very cool, and I’m sure you guys fly around the field with all those “speed holes” :-p.

We considered it, but decided against it. It is unfortunatly not a very powerful drive train. Plus we felt too much weight would go into doing just that.

you guys were one of the most consistent cappers last year, I wouldn’t be suprised if the same can be said about this robot… Are you using the same drive gearbox, because that was one monster you had, i can still remember the last minute decapping at nationals…

Ah, that’s a shame, I always loved seeing that drive train confuse people who hadn’t realized how useful it could be during a match. Maybe next year for you guys :-p.

Thanks! We’re using the Kitbot drive gearbox, though geared differently and with different tires. There’s quite a bit of torque, it’s faster than last year, however, not exactly sure how it compares.

Well…we did need a summer project this year. :wink: Not only was it useful during a match…autonomous mode was a snap to make. Our programming actually developed a VisualBasic program where all you did was drag the robot around a picture of the field and it wrote all the coding for you. :yikes: