pic: Team 359 2011 Robot-Ho'okahi

Robot shown without minibot.
At a practice scrimmage yesterday on a full size field, our team was able to consistently score at least the top rows of both peg stations in the two minute period.
Our robot can always score on any top peg during autonomous.
Minibot deployment takes about 8 seconds from the time we score our last tube to driving and aiming and launching minibot to the pole. We invert our camera image after it flips over, so that our drivers can clearly see where to align the robot.
Current minbot time is 2 - 2.5 seconds.
Only issue we had yesterday was not padding the bottom of our minibot as it comes down on its own. It tweaked the frame a little.
We look forward to a great season and participating with many new teams this year.

Look for the pineapples, chocolates, shell necklace leis and the bright red aloha shirt!

Another beautiful machine Glenn! I see what you were mentioning about our robots looking similar, down to the deploy method for the minibot :stuck_out_tongue: I am sure this robot will be playing well into Saturday afternoon :slight_smile:

That gripper looks really familiar…

Can you do floor pickup?
How do you flip your camera over for the end game?

Definitely does floor pickup and quickly.
There is the obvious extension near the single joint on the top, but also another one inside the arm near the claw
Arm has to go up at least horizontally and camera can see down the pole and minibot with deployment.

Using the camera for giving your driver a better view of the minibot deployment is a great idea that we may have to take.

Your robot looks awesome and I can’t wait to see you guys at NY!

180 degree servo in tilt mount, plus additional downward viewing angle by moving the arm up as necessary.

Looks really good team! looking forward to seeing your robot up close in New York.

Another sweet looking robot by the Hawaiian Kids. Love that color!

My Hawaiian is a bit rusty. What does Ho’okahi translate to in English?

congrats y’all, it looks great!

Ho’okahi translates to First in English, in honor of FIRST’s 20th Anniversary and keeping with this year’s theme. :slight_smile: