pic: Team 359 at the Las Vegas Regional 2007

Team 359 was one of the top 10 scorers at the Las Vegas, it was amazing that they fell to the 2nd choice of the #2 alliance.

That’s a nice looking machine…

I haven’t seen any other pictures of this robot. But, could someone please explain the high traction wheels on the front, and the omniwheels in the center? (I’m assuming there is a 3rd set of wheels in the back, what kind of wheels are they?) There have been a slew of other threads about 6wd and the merits of what wheels go where. This layout is definitely not represented in any of those discussions. Anyone have any more information? Thanks,


It works very nicely too :smiley:

Hey I’m from team 2061 and we came in 2nd place in the qualifiying matches and this is our first year. We took home the highest rookie seed award. We chose team 359 as our alliance because they were very good scorers. Our other alliance team was team 1641 but in the end we were eliminated in the quaterfinals.

I believe there were regular wheels in the back.

That was definitely a good team, robot performed well and the team was very professional.

Congrats Team 359 on a noble effort in Vegas! With such a young team, you’re sure to dominate in the years to come!