pic: Team 359 Teaser #1: Let the wiring begin



Our team takes great pride in the neatness and reliability of all wiring, especially with our new mentor that is meticulous about all electronics.


Wow, that is a very “clean” and neat looking layout, good job!
Just one question:

Why is the PD board oriented “upside down” considering the battery is behind it right side up? Wouldn’t this require more of the larger gauge wire to reach the PD board from the main breaker?

PS, you are missing the breakers in your PD board. Yes, I know you know :stuck_out_tongue:


great job,

if i may ask, can you post a picture of how you mount your cRio? im always curious on those are mounted. thanks


What type of chain are you using in your drive system? It doesn’t look like #25, maybe I’m just seeing things…


I believe they use bicycle chain.


Very nice job Glenn! Can’t wait to see you guys in Houston


We will post all of the wiring for all of our components once completed and at a later date, so we dont show “too much” of our robot…yet. We hope to have it all done by tonight so that we can do extensive testing over the weekend.

Once all finalized, everything will be taken apart again for powdercoating in our oven in one of our shops.:slight_smile:

Our mentor has his own autobody, woodworking, and electronics shop. He’s wired cars for car shows, made custom-made stereo systems, speaker boxes, and builds/repairs cars. Best part is he is now also a full-time science/electronics teacher in our school AND member of our team.

All components are mounted with connectors so that when we take things apart for repair or powdercoating, the whole bellypan comes off with most of the components in a matter of minutes.


We’ve used bicycle chain for many years now.
Strong like 35 chain, but light like the 25 chain. No issues whatsoever!


why are all eight 40A spots used when there are only 4 allowed 40A devices (the 4 CIMs) legal?

sorry, but such a config would not pass inspection.




Whaddayamean, only 4 allowed 40A devices?

All active PD Board branch circuits shall be protected from overload with an appropriate value auto resetting Snap
Action circuit breaker. Specifically,
A.** Each speed controller branch circuit** must be protected by one and only one 20-amp, 30-amp, or 40-amp circuit breaker on the PD Board (from the KOP or identical equivalent). No other electrical load can be connected to the breaker supplying this circuit.

All active circuits shall be wired with appropriately sized wire:
Application Minimum wire size
40A circuit 12 AWG (2.052mm)
30A circuit 14 AWG (1.628mm)
20A circuit 18 AWG (1.024mm)[snip]
Oh, and only the CIMs and FPs are required to have speed controllers. Everything else can be run off a Spike, restricting it to 20A–but that’s still 6 speed controllers, any of which can be run at 40A!




Still used to the old cim=40A, FP=30A, everything else= 20A rule…

Sorry about that…