pic: Team 359 Teaser #2


Technically, we have almost everything here, except the frame. Just a little scrambled though. :slight_smile:
Frame is being lightened and then powdercoated our signature anodized red.

looking good! We’ll see you at the Moanalua scrimmage?

Your bot out for powder coating like ours is? It’s a thumb-twiddling day today, heh.

So what do you have planed for the can of peaches? haha

Oddly enough, Del Monte is our competitor for our main sponsor Dole.:rolleyes:
We spent 16 1/2 hours lightening our frame, shaving off about 7 pounds.
After powder coating earlier today, we added 4-5 pounds.

Mission accomplished.

Now we’re putting everything back together nicely for a photoshoot soon. :slight_smile:

Based on the diameter of your wheels, I am guessing you guys are going narrow front 8WD?

Very interesting. Can’t wait to see it in action!! Good luck!! :slight_smile:

We were able to get some testing done today.
The only frustrating part is our robotics rooms and cafeteria being too low to do halfcourt shots on the far side of the bump.:mad:

Shooter is fairly accurate once it we lock and load.
Traversing the bump and ramps are fairly smooth as well.

Pretty happy that we have 3 full days left to finish things up.