pic: Team 3591 2015 Drive

After the 2014 season we wanted to start using a west coast drive. We have a sponsor who does all of our sheet metal fabrication for free. We are trying to make a lot of sheet metal parts to save money because we are very low on funds this year.

This is my first west coast dive. The frame is made of 1/4 aluminum bent in to a C shape. we also designed our own 2 speed gearbox that utilities the vex ball sifter. All parts are eater vex or custom cut or printed.

Pleas ask any questions and all suggestions all appreciated.

Why are you using 1/4th inch? If you are putting bends in it, just go 1/8th inch, it will be lighter and strong enough to go through anything frc will put it through.

We used 1/8 last year and it got beat up and our frame bent in on its self. We also probably cut a triangle pattern in to it to save weight. As of now if we switched to 1/8 we would save 8.6 lbs

Also here is the STEP file for anyone who is interested.


I’m probably going to be the first of many to say that with the right type of bends in the right places using the correct alum alloy, You do not need to use 1/4" alum, or even 1/8" alum. If you have a chance, check out some of 148s CAD. 148 has been doing sheet metal for a long time and I am sure you can learn a lot from it. I sure did.

Give this a look. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hZP3lewJkSaxVpXVBYMagtjzeyCYyzAj-6P1uGkje3U/edit

This is from Team 148 the Robowranglers

You sure are on the right track, just keep up the hard work!