pic: Team 360's Pit

This is the setup of team 360’s pit in 2007

Very nice pit setup. Lots of storage space from what I can see as well. What are the two guys in the back doing? Thumbwrestling? haha.

Do you actually work on the robot in this small of an area or is this just for getting a feel of how it will be during competition.

very clean looking. Why carpet? Any trouble with people tripping over it?

Nice pit and looks like the Portland regional if I am guessing correctly

Yeah, that was the Portland regional last year. No way do we practice in that little of a space though, but we do put most of our tools in the crate organized the way they will be at competition to get people used to the pit layout as much as possible without actually having a “pit” set-up in the lab. Oh, and that “carpet” is actually a special mat we lay out, but we’ve never had problems with people tripping over it. We’ve been using the same pit design for quite a few years, and its always worked well for us. We’ll be at the Seattle and Portland regionals this year, so if you want a closer look you’ll have to see us there.