pic: Team 3653's 2014 Robot

Team 3653’s entry for the 2014 season.
Competed at Orlando, and South Florida (quarter-finalists).

Drive System:
-4 wheel tank
-3" wide 4" Hi-grip wheels
-4 cim motors
-Two speed shifters using the AM Shifters
-This robot is built for defense and pushing power
-Pneumatically actuated casters for quick and easy turning. Located on the back of the robot.

Ball Handling/Shooting:
-Simple drop down ball pickup
-Allows for easy and quick in-bounding and kiss passing
-Uses a catapult to launch the ball, powered by surgical tubing and a modified AM Shifter as a winch.

-Telescoping arm that extends to 8 feet
-Alot of Pushing Power

-1 ball auto and move forward
-In the works of programming a 2 ball auto and move forward (hopefully programmed before off-season events)

Fun Fact- All the lightening holes were done on a manual mill, which took upwards of 36 hours to do all the holes. (every stage of the defense pole is lightened with holes)