pic: Team 375 IR Teaser

parts of the custom IR system we developed

Sorry everyone i forgot to add, i took off the IR filter off of a digital camera, thats how you can see the infrared light

that looks like a REALLY bright IR remote 0=


Diffraction grading? or is that just an artifact from the camera?

no diffraction grating, just something that i would call optical encoding :slight_smile:

hope to see u guys in pittsburgh!

i believe you can also edit photos (in RAW format) to see IR even through walls

i’m not quite sure how you do it though

doesn’t removing the ir filter allow you to see through some things? I’ve heard that you can see through clothes… thats why they made the night vision only come on in dark light for some cameras:yikes:

did you get the idea from make magazine! cause i did…