pic: Team 38

Geoffery VIII is shipped and on its way to the Finger Lakes Regional next weekend. This picture was taken on the loading dock before we put him in his crate. It’s the first night without Geo with us and we already miss him.

That’s one mighty fine hunk of…hunk of metal. Now that Geo is gone, I’ll need to find something else to fill my nightly demands of oldies music, wrestling, soda bottle rockets, oh and that thing called building a robot.

See everyone in Rochester!

what does everyone think of our claw?

Good luck to everyone at their regionals :smiley:

It’s very hard to make out in the pic you posted. Care to post a closeup of the craw – I mean claw?

Another great bot nonnebots! The wheel rim “bling bling” shows a touch of perfection and style. See you for the trip up to finger lakes and I hope you do great this season!

Did you white out your gripper or is that how it actually looks? And if thats the way it looks, how does it work?

No that’s actually our grabber. We’ve dubbed it the lampshade. The tetra is guided into the lampshade, lining it up. Then using a quick disconnect actuator from a garden hose, a center ‘plunger’ in engaged and closing the 3 spider like arms under the clover of the tetra. We use a simple servo to release the arms allowing the tetra to fall into place on the goal.
I’m trying to find a clear picture of the grabber, but feel free to stop by in the pits at the Finger Lakes Regional or at the New York City Regional and anyone from the team will be happy to give you a detailed explanation.

Ask, and ye shall receive… *

*That is a picture of their claw in case you are wondering. :rolleyes:

Thanks Elgin. I’m working here from the school Library and I can’t access the community.webshots page with all of our pics that we didn’t want seen before we shipped. (darn filters) but thanks for the picture.

No problem, and I see it was nicknamed the lampshade for a good reason.

Nice… That was my first idea something to do when I first saw it. :smiley:

I’ve got some better pictures of the claw at home, and will be happy to post them as soon as I get there. The shell was finished the day of shipping, and as I was at work, I couldn’t get any shots of it myself, but I should be getting the original JPG of the above picture (which was uploaded from a GIF… hence the grainyness), and I’ll put that up as well.

The lampshade is a very nice design. I do wonder though, why did you choose that design? It appears to be complex (therefore more easily broken), heavy, and resources intensive compared to other designs. Is there anything special it does that makes it worth these things?

I saw this robot in person at the UTC scrimmage, and it worked well. The “lampshade”, I believe, is used to align the tetra properly for the grabbing mechanism. While it looks somewhat complex in the picture, it actually requires only a simple in/out linear motion, and can be accomplished relatively efficiently. While it is more complex than say, a simple hook with no actuator, it does the job well. When I saw it, it didn’t look particularly heavy either. The obvious advantage to it is that once it grabs a tetra, no one is going to get it off and it is well controlled.

Nice job Nonnebots!

– Jaine

Thank You Jaine. As you saw at the UTC Scrimmage, we have a lot of faith in our claw. We spent a large amount of time working out every possible kink and have designed the ‘grabber’ to be light weight and efficient. Look for this awesome design (Thanks Bruce) in action at Rochester.