pic: Team 3824 Chassis Pic 2

The chassis for Ultimate Ascent for Team 3824, the RoHAWKtics.

That looks fantastic! How light is it? Do you save much weight by using the carbon fiber? It looks like you have a sheet of solid aluminum on the base, depending on how thick it is you may want to cheese it out. If it’s thicker than 1/32 you might be using up all the weight you saved by going carbon. Did you purchase the frame components that way or did you have them custom done?

I just looked at that, I am 95% sure that it is not aluminum. It is delrin or some other polycarb. If you look closely, you can see patterns and drawings on it, showing that it’s just delrin with the paper protective coating still on it.

Also, I just would like to clarify on something here, are your wheels inside those tan blocks? If they aren’t, you might have a problem with frame perimeter and bumper legality. I’m guessing the frame is 24x32, which is right at 112" limit. If the wheels are supposed to be outside, and my guess about frame perimeter is true, you might want to read this thread, because you’d be in trouble:

This is the rule of why the wheels/axles can’t stick out R04: In the STARTING CONFIGURATION, no part of the ROBOT may extend outside the vertical projection of the FRAME PERIMETER, with the exception of minor protrusions such as bolt heads, fastener ends, rivets, etc.

Great work, guys, and have fun this year!

Going off of the compressor (6") I was able to figure that the frame is roughly 22 inches wide. If a guard was added around the wheels on each side that was 3 inches, the width would then be bumped up to 28 inches. This would make the whole frame 28" x 28". This frame could very well be legal if something was added to make the wheels on the inside. Also the shafts look a bit to long so they could most likely be chopped which would give more wiggle room.

I did the same thing with the compressor and thought it was 24." Either way.

Brandon you are correct that the electronics are mounted to a piece of Lexan, not aluminum.

Mike was right on the money with the measurements. It is ~28 inches long and with the brackets that will go around the wheels, it will be ~28 inches wide and the shafts as is are a tad long. It will be tight, but we are all too aware of the 112 limit :slight_smile: and are focused on making sure we are within it, and of course with legal bumpers also.

Are you attempting a mechanim drive and are you using direct drive off the cims?
(Sorry if i misspelled that)

I saw the wheels in the background.

Hi inkspell - yes we are using mecanums and are using the Banebot gearboxes with them.

A work of art! What is the frame material used where you mounted the CIMs?

Thanks Tim! Those gold parts where the CIMs are mounted were printed and are ULTEM.

Ah! I was thinking they looked printed…