pic: Team 383 - Brazilian Buddy X

Ten seasons doing FIRST, tenth robot - can’t believe it’s been that long, can’t believe I’m the only one left from our rookie year.

4-CIM swerve drive, FP-powered, turreted shooter. Camera control to be finely tuned, as the shooter remains hostag… withheld. Traction control to be completely implemented at the NASA VCU regional. :wink:

Video to be posted when whoever filmed it sends me the file.

PS - Our gym floor was not happy.

wait, those scratches are all your bots?!

haha! I started at the top of Brazilian Buddy X and worked my way down. I was studying the bumpers and started being distracted by circular rings on the floor. Can’t wait to see the video.

Good luck to you and the team, Manoel!

Yes… Ours and 1772’s, who came to our school to practice on Monday and pulled an all-nighter with us.

We barely have enough regolith for the robot to spin in place so any practical driving had to be done on the gym floor. It sure is grippier than the real stuff, but not that much. We’ll only find out the real difference at the NASA VCU Regional.

wow…looks great…i really want to see video on this…

this year is lookin hard…a lot of great robots goin to VCU…

it looks very nice, and i hate to be a doggy downer… but you do have another regulation size number to go on the front of the robot right? b/c right now, the two numbers that are on the front are too small. and if you get an observant inspector looking at your robot… you will have to get another one

Thanks for noticing that, but yes, most of our decals are not installed yet. Big, 60 cm numbers to be put on the front and back of the cylinder. :wink:

awesome! just wanted to make sure :smiley: