pic: Team 383 mecanums

Team 383’s mecanums for FIRST Overdrive. The aluminum sheet is laser cut, but everything else (including bends) is homemade.

I “accidentally” forgot SolidWorks open in the background for a blurry, low resolution tease… :wink:

I like them they look cool. Did you bend each tab one at a time or did you have something that bent them all at once. by the way i like table the mecanums are sitting :wink:

Those look really similar to Andymark’s mecanums, why didn’t you just buy those?

Pretty nice job though :slight_smile:

One at a time, ten pieces, twenty-four bends per sheet. Hold the piece in a vise, bend, check angle, adjust. Mildly time consuming, to say the least. Still gotta make a spare for the right side… :smiley:

Well, we’re from Brazil, so shipping five or six of those from Indiana would be outrageous. Anyway, we’re on a really tight budget this year and those wheels were practically free:

Aluminum sheet and laser cutting - free
Rollers - $ 0.80/pc
PVC bushings - free
Aluminum axle for the rollers - $ 5.34, enough for about twenty wheels
Bolts and nuts - $ 0.34/pair
Machining time - free; lots of students and mentors put lots of hours making the rollers, cutting and bending everything.

So, those four wheels in the pictures cost us around $60 dollars, less than one mecanum from AndyMark (and don’t take me wrong, they’re great).

Mecanums are the way to go this year!
Great job on the homemade wheels!

This wheels are very nice.

You guys did a great job on those specially considering the bends were made individually. They look very rigid too.

Good on the wheels guys. Just got one question for ya. What material are the rollers made of?


Amazing what you can still get done when you go three weeks without a KoP. Excellent work!

The rollers are made of really hard rubber that, once sanded down, softens a bit. Weird, I tell you. Those rollers are part of a car suspension system, I’m missing the English term here… :confused:

They’re not perfect, but the best we could find in the local commerce. Maybe next year we’ll go Jester! :yikes:

I have a question what is the difference between Jester drive and mecanum drive

None. Jester drive is a mecanum drivetrain. It’s just one specialized edition.