pic: Team 383 string pot

Since a lot of teams were struggling with string pots (and they’re only as long as 1.2m from what I remember), here’s what we came up this year for our arm: 10 turn pot, steel cable, generic spool from fishing store and the spring from a broken measure tape.

You have inspired me.

To the 3D printer!!!

Yea… I found some that would work for us, but I couldn’t justify spending $200 on one.

this is very nice! Another idea to file away in my noggin to pull out for next year, or the year after that, or the year after that…

What do you plan to use the 3D printer for?

If I had to guess, printing the pulley.

We got ours from AndyMark! :smiley:

We intend to attach out multiturn pot to the driven pulley shaft though.