pic: Team 383 teaser

Actual MECHANISM of this year’s ROBOT. What could it be?

Spiral from the bottom looking up???

I’m thinking it’s an intake roller with pneumatic tubes as “fingers”, similar to 842’s design. That’s one heckofa picture though, it could be anything! :eek:

Its the inside of an intake roller with pneumatic tubing stuck into it.

Reminds me of the inside of our ball collector with the ends of pneumatic tubing (or some other tubing), glued into the PVC. I would imagine this would be the inside of the tube with the cut off ends of the tubing barely sticking into the inside of the PVC so you can fit a shaft through the middle. That could be off, but it looks a lot like the ball collector I was just making.


…Solarized in Photoshop, you can tell by the white lettering on one of the pieces of pneumatic tubing about half way up.


With negativity removed.

Also by counting the tubes you can approximate that this roller is 24" long, so they are using a wide robot style. Also the diameter is about 3"~4" based on the fact that pneumatic tubes are .25 in OD. Also the fact that the tubes aren’t squared off but have pointed cuts lead me to believe that they had to be either threaded through something or squeezed into something tight. Maybe a foam covered roller? Like a paint roller?

It could be a roller, or is it a main drum in the center of their robot??

Possible, but two facts lead me away form this.

Diameter- From what I have seen team that do a Helix Hopper use a larger main drum than this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlUgVpRckS8v)

Tube placement - They placed their tubes with large gaps in between (~1.5") which would give them plenty of space to run loop tubing inside of, using the finger tubes as containment.

PVC roller. Surgical Tubing “fingers”

It looks better ths way:



Listen to those pink guys, they sure can smell a drum roller five thousand miles away :wink:

The “normal” (pre-filter) picture shows a ball bearing at the end of the ~4" OD (10 cm, actually) PVC tube. The perspective threw you off big time, the roller was 54 inches long when we took the picture, it’s been trimmed a foot or so after that.
We chamfered the pneumatic tubes to make it easier to insert them - there’s a 0.8 mm interference fit between tube and hole, and we got a lot of calloused students and mentors :smiley:

Everyone else pretty much just got wat it was so im not gonna repeat it, either way IT LOOKS COOL! lol :slight_smile: