pic: Team 388: Extreme Oz

Team 388 poses for a photo near the pit admin desk at the NASA/VCU regional. They call themselves “Maximum Oz” for a reason…

EDIT: Wow, it’s nearly been eight months and I haven’t corrected this yet. It’s Maximum Oz, not Extreme Oz.

Great pick!

How come the Tin Man isn’t wearing her safety glasses?

Great looking Ozettes! What a great team!
Hi to Bucky and Amanda.

I think that is a Tin Woman… lol
And people made out of metal with metal eyes & eye lids hardly need to be concerned about metal or other debris flying into said metal eyes… :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, the first time I saw this picture, I was trying to figure out what the girl in the middle with the red, black & gray costume was…
And then it hit me… Where would the Wicked Witch of the West be without at least one of her flying monkeys??? :eek:
Then it all stated to make sense.

Great group theme girls! :slight_smile:

Did you win an award or anything (like Spirit) by any chance for this cool team theme?

There has to be a really cool story behind this…please share!

Last I heard they weren’t working with the team anymore? Or at least Pal’s Autoshop wasn’t… or something like that.

Rest assured, I reminded them about their safety glasses after I took the photo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah if there is any story behind the coustumes, please explain. :smiley:

Okay, heres the low down. Amanda and Bucky left so Amanda could go to Pharmacy School. She graduates this summer and they are coming back with us next year full on. We did stop going to Pal’s Electric shop after we were able to use our Career and Technology Center. After not competing in '07 due to monetary issues since we lack a actual corporate sponsor and we get all our money from a lot of fundraising and yearly donations, this years team had four returning members and all of which were on the PR team that made a huge difference this year also. In the photo three of the returning members are the Flying Monkey, the Wicked Witch, and Dorothy. The irony in that is that the female tin man is our safety captain. Thats all I can think of to say. That should give some insight though.

Oh yeah and besides all that, our team name is not “Extreme Oz” its “Maximum Oz”

Those are my friends and I. And amazingly (not trying to be cocky), we have NEVER won the spirit award. We go around not only dressed in character, we act in character, too. And it was super hard going into the pit in that dress!