pic: Team 39 robot climbing ramp

Saturday February 3, 2006

Team 39’s robot climbing the ramp.


nice u sure that it will still work on the dimond plate

i am curious about your chain runs. How come you didn’t take the second chain off the transmission to the center wheel instead of the front, requiring the use of an idler?

Does your frame between the wheels clear the edge of the ramp? If not, does it make it up anyway?

I can’t speak for their design, but we’re using an almost identical wheel setup with the exact same size wheels. Through calculations we believe it does not touch the ramp.

I agree with Greg why would you put your chain that way, it just adds extra weight of all the extra chain. We have a similar 6 wheel drive, but the chain is going from the gearbox to the middle and back wheels, then from the middle to the front. The middle wheel is really the most important set in a 6 wheel drive, so i don’t see why you would want a chain setup like that.
just my $0.02.

Thanks one and all.

The chain set up is “for the weight”. If we near the 120 limit, we will change the set-up.


How does that make sense?

Does your team weigh the robot all the time, and you want to make different parts of the team think that there’s more of a weight problem than there really is?

Just guessing here, but it seems like the weight there would lower the COG which would make them less likely to tip.

That’s true. I don’t see a lot of places where they could easily and securely add an extra chunk of a metal bar.