pic: Team 3929 Teaser

Day 6 and the robot is ready for bagging!

The kids have gotten good at this robot thing. Next year the robot will be done before kickoff!


But that’s a violation of the rules requiring for all of the command signals to originate from a cRIO…

We traded the crio for a snazzy 3929 shirt! :wink:

Yeah at one point we had removed the brain from the mannequin and replaced it with a robot brain… the crio.

so a human loaded system that uses suction and a pneumatic wheeled shooter

No, the pneumatic wheels are for the drives. Or robot uses its arms to pick discs up from both the floor and the feeder station. For the shooter, it uses its wrist to flick it.

I like how nobody questions why we have this.

We know you guys by now.

We’ve gotten used to Atomic Dragons scavenging things from underneath the stage.

How will you pick up frisbees with your arm exactly?

Specialized loading mechanisms which we have scientifically named “phalanges” and “metacarpals.”

Oh, ok. So you will literally have a human hand on-board. Nice! :yikes:

Also gonna use one of these for stable and accurate frisbee flight

Secret Device


Go home 3929, you’re drunk.


You sir, win a cookie! Yay! :slight_smile:

Gotta love Segway Drive.

Sinead O’ Connor cyborg.