pic: Team 393 Robot

Thats a nice electronics set up you have there. it looks pretty good.

How can you afford the weight for those massive wheels?

Nevermind the wheels, what about those sprockets :ahh: . From what I can see thats a 1:1 ratio for the black wheels and probably a 1:1.5 ratio for the wheelchair wheels, so why have you chosen huge sprockets when, say, smaller tooth sprockets would give you the same ratio and still do fine? That’s a tough looking drive train and good luck team 393.

We had to do this on our arm for our robot in 2004. We had to use the big sprockets to make less torque on the chain meaning it would snap less. I’m not sure if that’s why this team has done it, that’s my guess.

As for 393’s robot, where did you get those wheels and how much do they weigh? You have to be getting good traction with those. Deflate the tires a bit and you’ve got some serious traction.

Traction…now that’swhat I’m talking about!!

I think you mean less force. Which is a valid reason. However, with the most powerful drivetrain in the history of FIRST (afaik), last year we ran #25 chain on 13 tooth sprockets and snapped only one chain once ever in a very rare circumstance. We had very grippy wheels too (1.25" wide wedgetop).

So, I think most teams can get by with a lot less than what they are currently using, and save a lot of weight allowing for more innovation in other areas.

nice bot