pic: Team 3937 reveals 2012 robot 'Genesis'

Our first build season has come to a close, and this is what we are proud to present.

-360 degree rotating shooter
-6 wheel drive
-pneumatic bridge lowering arm

See y’all at Bayou and OKC!


1519 sure puts out some high quality mentors. Looks amazing. Best of luck to you guys.

maybe its just the angle or my sleep deprivation, but the battery looks hard to reach. then again, ours is too.

But the robot looks awesome. if the code and drivers are as good as the drivers, this will surely be a very competitive machine.

by the way, how fast does it drive?

Wow David that is a nice robot you guys have there! Best of luck to you guys!

It looks like a very well built machine. I especially love the Bridge manipulator.
The Ninja Munkees look forward to competing with you in OKC!

I am so proud of this Arkansas rookie team and can’t wait to see them in action at Bayou and OKC. They have quite a pedigree already: a coach - Mr. Brian Jones - with FRC experience from his prior post, a 1519 alumni mentor, and the superintendent of the school was the Mountain Home High School principal when Team 16 was founded. :ahh: