pic: Team 3940 2017 Robot: Fireball

Team 3940 CyberTooth from Kokomo, IN proudly presents it’s entry for the 2017 FIRST Steamworks season; Fireball.

Highlights include:

  • 8 Wheel Gear Drive with AndyMark EVO Shifters, geared to 4.8/14 FPS, low and high gears respectively.
  • Full width, over-the-bumper intake with AndyMark 2" Compliant Wheels. Polycarbonate sidepanels for durability. Can collect fuel at approximately 30 pieces per second.
  • 60 Fuel Capacity hopper with Snow Blower Motor agitators.
  • Turret-based, single axle shooter with ~200 degrees of rotation.
  • 6.3 pound copper and aluminum shooter wheel for maximum inertia, powered by two 775 Pro motors.
  • Combined gear floor intake and climbing mechanism, with an approximate 5 second climb.

CyberTooth is proud to compete with Fireball at the INFIRST Tippecanoe, St. Joseph and Perry Meridian district events.

Wow! Really going for that AM compliance wheel challenge

Beautiful Robot. Can’t wait to see it this weekend.

Beautiful robot!! can’t wait to see it in action this weekend!!

Unfortunately, since we are an AndyMark sponsored team we felt it best to recuse ourselves from the contest. But I look forward to seeing other submissions, so keep sending them in!

That intake scares me… I cannot wait to see this thing perform!

::rubs eyes::


Mecanum rollers repurposed as flat pulley crowns?

That’s not real, is it?

I think we found the main proponents of the new purple churro.

Almost…the things you think of when you work in the AndyMark warehouse.