pic: Team 3940 Proudly Presents: Scorpion

Team 3940 CyberTooth is proud to present it’s 2018 robot: Scorpion


  • AM14U3 in 8WD config with EVO Shifters, geared to 5/15fps
  • 2 stage cascade elevator using AndyMark 2x1 Bearing Kits
  • Custom 2 speed elevator gearbox using EVO Shifter components and RedLine motors (with shift-to-ratchet functionality)
  • Pneumatically actuated four-bar roller intake with eight AndyMark 4" Compliant Wheels
  • Fully integrated Power Cube and Face The Boss systems via the intake, elevator and elevator gearbox
  • Can climb to ~60" off the platform for maximum space-saving down below
  • “Buddy Bar” for cascade-climbing (not shown in photo)
  • Structural full-wrap bumpers

Scorpion will compete at the Miami Valley Regional, St. Joseph INFIRST District Event and the Plainfield INFIRST District Event.

Special thanks to Adam Heard and 973 for their excellent RAMP videos on FRC elevators, as well as 1538 for the inspiration from your 2015 robot.

This has definitely been one of my favourite build seasons to date - we set our deadlines early, and we hit them all. This robot seems to have been a perfect balance of something within our means, while still being challenging to build. I am super proud of every person on CyberTooth for contributing to an excellent season so far.

Here’s Scorpion’s reveal video.

See you on the field!


Awesome robot my dude, hope to see you guys at worlds!

Good stuff!

Nice shoutouts in the last :90

Can’t wait to see it at Miami Valley! I feel that our robots elevator and grabber have some similarities. We were also inspired by the same teams’ designs, elevator 973/254 and grabber/intake 1538.