pic: Team 395 Unfinished test phase Robot

One of the unfinished robot pictures

Looks like another awesome bot from 2 train. the grabber reminds me a lot of plague’s bot from 07, and the way you’ve mounted your gearboxes is pretty cool. wouldnt have thought of using the am shifters for mecanum.

Do you guys have the shifting if so have you found it useful with mecanum? and I cant tell from the photo but can you score up top?

on your lift what type of planetary gear boxes are you using and where did you get them?

Looks like a pair of AndyMark planetaries, most likely 2-3 stage GEM500s. Run through a Toughbox, too–that’s kind of an interesting setup. Stock Tougbox ratio or custom?

Those Gem 500s are huge, 2 wont fit on a toughbox like those 2 are, unless the box is somehow elongated or the GEMs are cut down. Those look a little smaller, kinda like the FP ones you get on AM. But the ones pictured are fully covered. Maybe an added sleeve?

I dunno–the FP ones don’t have as long of a sleeve as these do, and there’s what looks like an AM sticker on the side of one of them. Might be a stacked set of something like http://www.andymark.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=am-0823 and http://www.andymark.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=am-0301.

Also, I’m pretty sure the GEM500s are about the same size as CIMs, and two CIMs fit on a Toughbox with a little room to spare.

Those are the old style AM planetaries. The housing is different but the guts are the same.

Those aren’t shifting gearboxes? Looks like a custom gearbox using two stages of reduction via belt. Pretty nice implementation too.

Touche fro. But at first glance you have to admit they kinda look the am shifters. Really cool mounting nonetheless.

No Shifter, just belts driven pods and the robot is awesome. Mecanum is a first for us, I’ll post more picture later. Thank you for your comment.

No gears, just belts.

Andy Mark is correct :slight_smile:

I forgot where, most likely Andy Mark.